The Story behind 40 Stories

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For us, 40 Stories is more a metaphor than a number. In the Bible, ‘40’ is often a symbol of trial and testing that proves God. 40 Stories are stories of real people who have experienced challenges in life, but have found Jesus to be very real and very near.


The 40 Stories team are Jesus-followers, listeners and story-tellers. We always want to be Jesus-led in how we capture and communicate the stories he is writing in people’s lives. We value excellent, engaging, inspiring, honest and honourable story-telling. 


We began in 2015 by filming 40 inspiring stories of Indigenous Australians

and their experiences with Jesus, and we are continuing with

an ongoing flow of short films from all over the world. 


Stories touch us personally and speak to our hearts.
They invite us to curiosity, to see things differently

and to imagine what change might look like, 
in us and in the world. Ordinary people

have extraordinary stories,

especially when Jesus’ love

changes their lives.