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Please help us tell more stories

Jesus loved telling stories! Today, He is still creating extraordinary stories in people’s lives. Can you help us capture & share these precious stories?  

We do not pay any salaries. Our team volunteer their time. We live and act by faith. However, creating and sharing 40 Stories involves many expenses, including travel costs, equipment, insurance, etc. We also wish to expand our story-finding 'net' by equipping similarly-called story tellers in other places.

Maybe you can ask Jesus if he wants you to help us tell more stories?

There are 3 ways you can donate. CLICK on the one you wish to use:

Please pray for 40 stories

Please pray for us! We want to live & act by faith.

Please pray that people everywhere meet Jesus through the stories he is writing in peoples' lives.

We want to be Jesus-led story tellers. Please pray we listen first and follow quickly. (John 10:27)

We trust Jesus to supply all our needs as we seek first His Kingdom and righteousness. Please pray we keep our eyes on him.  (Matt 6:33, 34)

Please pray for discernment about whose story to tell. We don't want to waste time & energy on vain labour. We want God to build his 'house'.   (Psalm 127)

Please pray that the stories Jesus is writing in peoples' lives reach those with ears to hear, wherever they are. Pray that God will take the stories where he wants them to be heard. Pray for divine appointments with the right people and organisations, according to Jesus good shepherding. (Psalm 23:3)

Please pray for protection from the evil one, for our story-tellers and our team.
(Ephesians 6:10-12)

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