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Consider this…

What if Jesus was not just a deluded Jewish guy walking around in dusty sandals?

What if he was more than some Middle Eastern guy talking to a few angry fishermen

about radical concepts and living successfully?


What if he isn’t about being good, trying harder, money and magic?

What if his birth and death had greater importance than Christmas

and Easter holidays?

What if he is telling your story?  


Would you want to hear it? Would you want to see it?

What if his life is woven in yours?  
What on earth would that look like and would you want to know?  



Have you got the courage to explore a few “what ifs”?

Want to see if your story and his are connected?

Contact us, OR if you are a bit shy you can check out some of these resources:

Jesus face stencil drawing

Want to watch the story of Jesus? 

The Chosen is the first ever multi-season series about the life of Jesus.

The free show that tens of millions of people have watched and loved.

The Chosen logo

Want to explore more about Jesus? 

Alpha Australia can connect you with a small online community of people, to explore the person and life of Jesus. No cost.

Alpha course logo

Want to start reading the Bible
for yourself?

Bible Project logo

The Bible Project has videos and podcasts which help people experience the Bible as a big story that leads to Jesus. No cost.

Want to explore questions about Christianity?

Christianity explored logo

Christianity Explored has more real life stories of a range of people who came to know and love Jesus for themselves. Explore questions about Christianity. You can start reading about Jesus in the Bible on this website too. If you are unfamiliar with the message or person of Jesus, this might be a great place to start.

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