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Meeting Jesus 

Randall Carew,

Kewulyi, Roper Valley, 
Northern Territory, Australia

Many people want to know what the afterlife is like. When Randall Carew was airlifted to hospital with life-threatening medical conditions, he experienced a vivid encounter with Jesus. Randall says, “I saw Him there. He said, ‘Hello Randall’” I didn’t say a word. I was amazed..." 


Hear more of what he saw, heard and experienced. You will be greatly blessed by Randall's story. 

Meeting Jesus (Randall Carew - Director's Cut)
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Afterlife, life after death


God’s love

Song writing


KEY QUOTES from this story:

Jesus gave me understanding about writing songs, and teaching me how to play keyboard, you know, music. I didn't know how to write songs, I ran away from school from year 8. The songs... not come from me. Come from the Lord, you know. He's saying to people to come to him.

I just wait patiently for Jesus to talk to me... You ready to go sing at that community? And once he tells me, I just go. Doesn't matter I'm in a wheelchair, but I will do it for you

He's a kind person, and loving, so big, his love, you know. And we are so special to him.


I got sick back home, took me to the nearest community, at Minyeri... Then I passed away.


(Randall's father speaking)  While he was in ICU, the doctors let me see him, just wrapped around with a sheet and the body was swollen up.


Yeah, I was crying and I rang back (home), told them Randall passed away now... and the Lord sent an angel just to let me know that he's on this journey.


(Randall speaking)  I was there. I was walking. Yeah. So I walked in. I saw him there and he said, "Hello. Hello, Randall", he said. And I didn't say a word. I was, you know, amazed. "I brought you here so that I can give you something. I will give you my love", He said, "I'll give you my love so that you can go back and share it to everyone".


He had a shiny face, you know, shiny, but I saw his clothes and figure, you know, the image. His voice was flowing.


He read my thoughts and he said to me, "so you have to go back and I will give you my love that you will share to every people, my love".


And he said to me, "I'll be always with you and I'll be coming back. Coming back for you and the world. Come and take you back home".


I think he had a plan for me to go meet him up in heaven.


You know, he brings you happiness, love, all kinds of good things, you know. He'll put you in a journey, where you've never been, you know, before.


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