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Everybody Needs Love

Steven Alufurai

Honiara, Solomon Islands

Steven Alufurai grew up in the Solomon Islands, loving the isolation and beauty. But drugs and alcohol took him "to hell".


Filmed on a beautiful beach north of Honiara, Steven's story explores where he found freedom, lasting purpose and fulfilment, and a changed life. "I think everybody needs love. I think that's what's missing”.

Everybody Needs Love (Steven Alufurai's story)
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Drugs and alcohol



God’s love

Growing relationship with God

KEY QUOTES from this story:

As a young man, everybody wants to have a taste of what's out there.


We were planting marijuana and we were experimenting. We want to make that weed to be strong... We nearly died from smoking marijuana. We were overdosing ourselves.


I've experienced hell. For me, that was the turning point.


I was part of a church during childhood growing up, but I was a prodigal son... takes me really far away.


When you accept Christ, you experienced not just the change, but you experience the freedom. It's a God kind of life that, when it's inside of you, it's more than all the experiences you've been experiencing.


God has carried me all through. Put me back together. Given me a sense of purpose. 


We'll never stop talking about Jesus. Accept Christ as my Lord and Saviour. Then I know that my eternity is secured with Jesus forever and ever.


We enjoy the beauty and we spend more time in the presence of God, time in the word of God.


If he says in his word that he has plans to give us a future... hope and a future, then from beginning to end, it's already set, it's complete.


Something happens in 1997, a revival in the school setting. It was a time where God brings a new wave of revelation of who he is to us young people.


My Dad used to tell stories of the travels, island to island taking the word of God to the people. We are still carrying out that ministry. But in a different way, telling people about Jesus through these media platforms.


If there's one thing I want to share with the world it's that God loves you.


Whatever background, whatever situation, God's love for you never changes. It's free. We just need to accept it.



Do not look down on yourself because you are young. But set an example for the believers in your speech, in your conduct (1 Timothy 4:12)


Read the Word of God and meditate and spend more time, quality time with God in his presence. That will help you build your low self-esteem, but also will help you build up your character for who you are in God.


In Christ, rise above the alcoholic problem that you have. Rise above the drug lifestyle that you have.


And helping others to discover their purpose and their calling in life, knowing that what they do, whether in their career or in their workplaces or whatever skills that they have, do it all for the Lord and not for yourself.


I think everybody needs love


And if I can tell people about Jesus, Jesus' love, that's it.















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