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I was Thirsty

Angela Ninnal | Wadeye, NT, Australia

When Angela was 6, her family took her to the local church convent, where Nuns raised her. She was well cared for, and loved to read stories. Years later, attending Alcoholics Anonymous, she changed her life. 


Angela works at a Safe House, and loves to help Mum's to grow strong families, teaching their children wisdom and faith.


Filmed in Wadeye, a remote Aboriginal community in Australia's top end, Angela's wise and humble story reveals where she satisfied her thirst.

I was Thirsty (Angela Ninnal, Wadeye, NT, Australia)
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Alcoholics Anonymous


Changed life

Thirst for Jesus

Strong families


Living water


KEY QUOTES from this story:

You know, to help me to be a strong, solid person, try and help my people.


I was thirsty. I was desperate for Jesus.


I was brought up here in Wadeye. Dad and Mum, but then when I was six years old, they took me to the convent. That's where the girls dormitory was.


The Nuns were good to us, you know, looking after us, caring for us 


We loved school. I was interested in reading and stories, you know, writing and maths and learning about Catechism


In my twenties, I started to turn back from God. I used to play cards (gam